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Unique gift wrapping ideas

When you feel like the usual gift wrapping is just too plain, there are a variety of ways you can add to your wrap or even change the wrap itself to give it that extra special touch. Unlock your creative side and don’t limit yourself to those generic wraps, show how much you care no matter what occasion by using these ideas that will elevate your gift wrap into a truly different level.

First, why not go green by infusing some natural elements to your wrap. You can scavenge your backyard for the best looking leaves and twigs you can find and they’ll go perfectly with your wrap or better yet gather small leaves and form them into a wreath if it’s the holidays but always make sure to fasten them securely with some glue or tape to not waste them if they fall off and prevent any unwanted mess.

Staying close to preserving mother earth, why not recycle some of your old stuff that you don’t use? There are a lot of things that can be used as a gift wrap and depending on who you’re giving the gift too, you can really personalize it for them. Take advantage of sheets of music you might have had as a kid and use that as a gift wrap to impress those inclined to music. To the ever wanderers who just love to travel, making use of a map is a great idea for a wrap as it not only provides excellent artistic value but can also be used on their next trip as well!

Lastly why not wrap your present in clothes? This is a very eco friendly option not to mention it’s very durable as it is very thick assuring it won’t tear easy at all. This can be used as a two for one option as well as you can use a shirt you plan to give as the wrap and put another present inside it. Because what’s better than getting a gift? The answer is getting two gifts