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Ribbon tying ideas for gifts

Now you’ve bought the perfect gift, wrapped it as best as you can and now it looks beautiful. Now you want to take it up a notch to really impress the recipient of your gift. Well why not tie a pretty ribbon around it? Yeah of course we see all those ready made ribbons in craft stores but why not making one on your own? I guarantee you it’s easier than you think. Not only will it make your gift more beautiful, but also it will have a more personal feel to it knowing that you really put in the effort in making it. In the following guide, I will teach you how to tie some beautiful options which you can use to enhance the presentation of your gift.

Let’s talk about the Tiffany bow. Some of you know this, some of you don’t but I guarantee all of us can agree that this is a beautiful topping to your present. Well to get started you have to have your ribbon, this can be any design and color, really just a preference to what is beautiful to you and what you want to have on the present.

To start the bow off you should hold down the center of your gift with that ribbon and run the longer left end underneath the gift over the top short end. With your finger at the center of the ribbon, fold it over and down and while holding the centre tightly, run the long side of the ribbon under your gift again. Tuck the long end of the ribbon underneath the box and pull both ends firmly into a knot then form a ‘rabbit ear’ loop with the short end of the ribbon. Run the long end around and under the rabbit ear, making your standard bow.

Now this bow should be exactly to your liking so you can arrange the bow however you wish making sure you see it as what is beautiful to you. Make sure to tighten and arrange properly and there you have it, a perfectly tied Tiffany bow.

Another quick option is the ribbon corner bow. With your ribbon folded in half, place its center point at the corner of the box. Turn the box upside down and pull both ends firmly across the box. Flip the box right side up and tie both ends of the ribbon in a knot. Form a rabbit ear and run the left side of the ribbon around and through to make a bow. There you have it, as always arrange the bow to your liking and ensure that it is tidy with even loops.