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Japanese gift wrapping

The way the Japanese wrap their presents is like an art form, but don’t let that scare you, their techniques can be learned and mastered pretty easily with enough practice. It’s faster and more efficient yet it gives you that clean look we are all after with regards to wrapping our presents. The best part about this technique is that it takes away the hassles of measuring your paper as it is all about folding the excess to provide you with a beautiful finish.

You’ll need the basic materials of gift wrap, scissors and tape. Now the first step is to position your gift box in a way that there is enough room for the top right corner of the paper to form a diagonal across the top of your package. Fold the paper so the corner of the wrap meets the corner of the box then hold it down with your hand. Check the right side of the paper and you will see a natural fold which you will then pull and press down so the crease forms a line perpendicular to the top right vertical corner of the box. Use your right hand to to pull the corner up and over the box to allow the excess paper to fold and crease under it, this technique will ensure you’ve covered four sides of the package.

After making the first fold, use your hand to hold the wrap on top of the box and while your other hand pulls and creases the wrapping paper up and over the next side of the box the same way as with the first fold. Pull the second fold over the top of the box and hold it in place with your hand and use the same pull and fold technique to make sure all extra paper gets folded up under the main fold to complete its clean look.

To finish, pull the final fold over the side of the package and tape to secure the wrap of the gift. You can keep the fold flat against both sides of the box or you can add creases on both sides to form a triangle shape, it really is all up to you and whatever you find beautiful.