• How to wrap a small gift

June 18, 2020

Well this may prove to be easy for some but tricky for others. We are all accustomed to wrapping the conventional box, but what if our present is small or has uneven curves? This is where the challenge comes in as not only is wrapping the gift itself a problem, but also the way you wrap as to make it presentable to the one receiving it. But don’t worry, this guide will show you a few ideas on how to wrap your small gifts and make them look beautiful.

First of all, you would need some gift wrap. Now given that your gift is small, you don’t need that much. With this first idea, you can wrap it in a color block style which involves combining two colors of gift wrap into one. Now what better way to make your gift stand out than having two colors in on the wrap? What you want to do first is to layout your item in the middle and cut a piece big enough to cover the entire thing, next is to use some double sided tape to add another layer on top of your original piece. Make sure to be clean here and cut off any excess paper and just wrap the gift like normal. Add a bow and you’re done.

Another idea is to add some vibrant nature on your wrap by giving it a little greenery. Now this is fairly simple as all you need to do is wrap your present like normal, then using a ribbon, tape one strand around the length of the package and slip your greenery of choice, let’s say an olive branch perhaps, through the ribbon so that it holds it firmly in place. This will add a lot of creativity into your wrap and its quite easy to do.

Last idea is to personalize it by adding little cutouts of letters. Just like adding greenery to the top, this one is also easy. Just cutout a letter or letters off a magazine or better yet you can draw them yourself on some colored card stock and then cut it out. Wrap the gift like normal and then you can either glue or tape your letter at any part of the wrap that you would like. This gives the gift a more personalized feel to it and I’m sure the receiver will appreciate even more.