• How to wrap a present professionally

June 18, 2020

Yes, we all want to be better in a lot of stuff than we actually are right now, same thing applies to our gift wrapping. We don’t want it to stand out for the wrong reasons and at the end of the day we just want to have a beautiful and clean wrap as much as possible. It takes some practice of course but using these tips I guarantee you you’ll be wrapping presents like a professional in no time.

You’ll need the basic materials of gift wrapping to start such as wrapping paper, scissors, clear tape and double sided tape. To start, cut your wrapping paper and be generous with this to make sure it’s long enough to wrap around your box with a few inches of overlap. Place the box of your present upside down on the wrong side of your wrapping paper and fasten with tape, fold the remaining paper to reach the edge of the box and pull it tight. With the paper reaching the edge of the box, cover the paper you just taped in place initially to eliminate any visible seams .

Make a light crease where the paper meets the end of the box and fold along the line where the crease was, this will give you a nice straight line and hide the raw edge of your paper. Apply a piece of double sided tape along the edge of your wrapping paper just inside the folded edge. You would want to wrap the paper around the box next and pulling tightly, press the tape to seal.

Lastly are the ends of the box. Do the bottom of the box first and press the center flap down and out to meet the sides of the box and tape it down then crease the edges of the paper to make two neat triangles on either side, place some double sided tape on the insides of each triangle and fold in to seal. Repeat this process on the other side and that is it. Add some ribbon and fashion it into a bow and that should provide the finishing touches on a gift that could be easily mistaken as being wrapped by a professional.