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How to wrap a present perfectly

Yes we all face this problem. Whether its wrapping a present for a special occasion like the holidays and birthdays or wrapping a present for your special someone just because, we all want to make our present look perfect. Now this could be because we would want to make the other person feel special by making them see how much effort and care we put into not only getting them a gift but also wrapping it as well or maybe we just don’t want to feel embarrassed by sub-par gift wrapping. Whatever the reason may be, this guide is here to help your wrap the perfect present every single time.

First of all you’ll need the basic materials. Wrapping paper is a must, now there a lot of different designs and patterns out there but remember the thicker the better. Some wrapping papers have a grid pattern at the back to make it easier to cut so try to consider those. Get yourself some ribbon to elevate it’s look and for convenience, you can always get a gift box as it is easier to wrap something square or rectangular. You’ll also need some scissors and tape – double sided is suggested.

Now let’s get started, you’d like to start by putting your boxed present face side down and cut the paper along the side making sure the width is enough to cover the sides of the box. Pull the wrap up over the far end of the box and adhere with tape, pull the paper from the other end and let it meet the already wrapped end leaving an inch of overhang. Fold that inch under and crease along the fold and fasten this with tape.

On to the sides of the box, push the sides of the wrap inwards creating four forty five degree angle flaps and fold down the top flap creasing it sharply along the top of the box. Crease again where the paper meets the edge of the box, cut the paper along the bottom crease and adhere with tape. Repeat the steps on any opening ends left on the box and finish by running your thumb and forefinger along the edges to create sharp lines.

Lastly we go to the ribbon. Your beautifully wrapped present deserves the perfect accessory. Lay your present face down on a length of the ribbon and pull the ends up and bring right end over the left, make sure to pull width wise so they cross. Turn the box over thread each end under the ribbon already in place then to finish tie a double knot into a simple bow. Cut off the excess and there you have it, a perfectly wrapped present.