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How to wrap a gift without a box

Wrapping an object that is oddly shaped and contoured that it just cannot be placed in a box has always proven to be a problem for even the seasoned gift wrappers. We all know how to wrap the typical box, we’ve mastered it through years of practice but sometimes we just don’t have a box on hand, now you will be forced to wrap it as it is and this will really challenge how well we think we know how to wrap a present because no matter what we would want to make the final wrapped product look presentable and clean.

Now you would need a couple of basic things, of course some gift wrap which can be any kind you like as long as you think its beautiful then go for it. A pair of scissors, some tape and if you want some added flair, have some ribbon ready as well.

What you would want to do first is to put your present at the center of your wrapping paper and estimate the amount of paper you would need to make sure you cover the entire thing. Cut it two inches wider and taller than your gift. Wrap the paper from side to side and tape the center to secure it, flatten one open end of the gift wrap with your fingers then fold the edge over about an inch. Fold the edge by an inch again to hide the edge of the gift wrap then tape to fasten. You can use some double sided tape if you want a clean look.

Do the same process to the other side and if you want to add a little decorative touch, try wrapping a nice ribbon around it and finish with a bow to make it stand out even more. Wrapping gifts with different contours and edges is always tricky but as long as you follow the steps you should be fine. Remember that each gift wrapper has their own point of view as to what looks good or not so just follow what you think looks nice and I guarantee the final product will look nice as well.