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How to wrap a gift with ribbons and other odd items

A couple of years back; I attended a get together with my friends in one of our old high school hangouts. As a tradition, we would normally get each other a gift just to commemorate the time we have spent apart. I bought my friend the best possible gift. Knowing her, I knew she would love it the minute she would tear apart that gift-wrap. The problem was, it came in a package that was in tube that wasn’t flat. I kind of felt embarrassed after that. I knew I had the perfect gift, I just didn’t have the perfect way to surprise my old friend.

Gift-wrapping is an art. One must understand that not all gift ideas can be wrapped in a square or a box. Sports balls, stuffed toys, trinkets, these items just aren’t equally sided enough for you to wrap in the perfect way. To be fair, you always have the option to stuff in a gift bag or a square box but that’s just a lazy way of surprising the people that you care about. It is, without a doubt, one of life’s simplest pleasures: opening a gift that has you so curious, wrapped in the unique, cleanest way possible. How you may ask? Well these helpful tips will help you become a wrapping guru in absolutely no time.

Your own Wrapping paper “Gift Bag”

Definitely, the most convenient form of gift-wrap, the gift bag is also one of the easiest to make. Fits almost any and every item and is a very clean cut way to present gifts to your most cherished friends and loved ones. All you really need is medium weight paper, tape and a pair of scissors.

Who knew Tissue paper could be a life saver.

Cylindrical gifts are the toughest to wrap simply because, wrapping them in any type of wrapper makes the gift obvious. To alleviate this, a base layer of tissue is the way to go. Combined with any type of wrapping paper, it’s one of the neatest ways to wrap your coffee mug or any other circular looking gift out there. Slap a ribbon on to and you’re all set.


Scarves, dish towels, basically anything that can be used to wrap a gift could serve as a fantastic substitute for your gift wrapping nightmares. These subs work well for square type items too.

It can also be about the shape

Whoever said that you had to wrap a gift into a square all the time? Folding your paper into the shape of the gift is also just as surprising and unique.

Square it up

Wrapping unique shaped gifts can definitely be a tough task but despite the daunting challenge of having to wrap them into their actual shape, squaring them is still possible. Adding in strips of cardboard will allow for it to take shape and you can wrap that gift in no time.

Get Creative

There’s always more than one way to wrap a gift. Using different components and not just wrapping paper will get you there. Bottle caps, strings, colorful tape, you name it. Get creative and stand out from the crowd.