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How to wrap a book

What’s more thoughtful then gifting someone their favorite book? Book fanatics would understand the value of a good book as they would rather stay in on a Saturday night just to finish a book rather than going out. Reading gives them more joy and pleasure than anything else. Now let’s say you want to impress a special someone by giving them a book they’ve always wanted, problem now is how do you wrap it to make sure it preserves it’s beauty and most importantly prevents any damage to it’s pages and cover. This guide will help you wrap a book with ease and make you realize that it isn’t that hard at all.

Now you would want to prevent any damage to the book that may come from the wrapping process so what you would want to do first is to wrap your book in toilet paper and wrap the entire book in it. Fasten the outer layer with tape so that it will hold, now this does not have to be pretty this is just meant to be a protective covering for the book so the tape you will be using for the wrap will be taped to the tissue paper and not the book itself.

Now cut some wrapping paper making sure it covers the entire book, put the book in the center and fold in one side that covers half of your book and gently pull to ensure that the paper is stretched and tape it to the center. Fold the other side in identical fashion and fasten with tape as well. Fold both sides of one end to form a triangle by creasing one end so that the paper folds over the edge of the book and along the width of it. Take two corners of this end fold them towards the center of the book. This should create a triangular shape which you should pull and fold over the top of the book, carefully pull it tight and secure to the wrapping paper with some tape and repeat the process on the other side. Finish by adding bow and that’s all it takes to wrap a book.