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How to wrap a big box

Well this is a problem many of us struggle with. We have this big, beautiful present but its just too big! We’ve accustomed ourselves to wrapping the common box – maybe the size of a shoebox perhaps, but let’s say this is twice or even thrice as big as that? This will give all seasoned gift wrappers problems. Well this guide will show you how to easily and conveniently wrap your oversized present.

First of all you have to do your due diligence and check all the craft or bookstores if they sell any extra large gift bags. I mean why go through the hassles of wrapping if a gift bag can do the trick? Now this would sometimes prove to be difficult though as extra large gift bags could easily be out of stock or the store just doesn’t carry them. Nevertheless you should exhaust this option first and make sure you’ve checked everywhere before resorting to wrapping.

So let’s say you were out of luck and you couldn’t find any extra large gift bags, so now your option is just to wrap it. Most gift wrappers are about thirty inches wide, if your gift exceeds that, you can always overlap it and make sure the entire gift is covered. Now this would take some skill to make it look clean but as long as you follow the protocols of proper gift wrapping, this should not prove to be a problem.

Last options. Now these are just options to consider if you’ve determined that the first two just can’t be done. First off try wrapping your gift in forty eight inch wide paper rolls. These things go on forever and make sure that you don’t run out. Another is disposable tablecloths. It may not be pretty but it surely gets the job done. These huge tablecloths can cover an entire dining table, so it should have no problem covering your gift. Lastly if all hope is lost, you can always buy an oversized or even a regular bow, and place it on top of your gift. It may lose the surprise and beauty effect but hey it looks clean and at least the present is there right? And that’s all that matters in the end.