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How to restore wicker baskets

Yes our ever so dependable wicker basket has faded and dried out, but don’t worry it can be salvaged. Wicker baskets provide a variety of uses and is a good piece to have around the house. It can be used for storing or carrying a variety of items so preserving it is very important to maintain its longevity. Unfortunately you weren’t able to do that and now you’re stuck with a useless wrap of palm stems. Well with these tips we can guarantee to restore your wicker basket back to perfect health.

Take your wicker basket and vacuum thoroughly using a bristle attachment and make sure to get every side from the top, bottom and sides ensuring the dust has been removed from all its tight little crevices. Mix water with some mild detergent and using a clean cloth, wipe down the wicker carefully. Using a toothbrush dipped in a mixture of one fourth bleach and four cups water, clean any mildew off it and rinse with a clean rag and water after.

Place the basket in a well ventilated area such as outside but away from direct sunlight, and let it dry completely. Use a clean cloth with furniture polish and very gently buff the wicker, starting from the top and working your way down. Keep your focus on those little crevices and weaves as those spots are usually drier than the others.

A good alternative is to refinish the wicker instead of buffing it. This re hydrates the material and adds an extra layer of protection for good measure. Apply a fresh coat of varnish or lacquer with a brush and remember to work outside under a tarp or tent to make sure it is well ventilated. Refinish the painted wicker by applying a liquid sanding product to prepare the surface for new paint. Apply one coat of primer and two to three coats of enamel paint, waiting for each coat to dry before applying the next.

Wait for about four to six days to let the finish completely dry and apply a liquid furniture wax to the new finish and that will just about ensure that the wicker does not dry out again.