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How to preserve wicker baskets

Wicker baskets are one of the most awesome accessories you can have. It can store a multitude of items yet still being sturdy enough to last a long time. Although these baskets are made of some very sturdy material, they are still susceptible to damage and deterioration if not cared for properly. In this article we share a few tips on how to handle your wicker baskets to preserve and extend its lifespan.

With its material being derived from rattan, a durable stem of palm usually found in Asia and Africa, it is important to keep these baskets away from sunlight and variable heat sources as this can cause fading and bleaching to the fibers. Although temperatures in our houses are constantly changing, it is important that our baskets are not exposed to any humidity as this can cause mold and mildew growth which can be very difficult to remove. Always remember to store your baskets in a cold and dry location.

What you put inside your basket can also affect it’s longevity as cross contaminating items in one basket could prove to be detrimental. A basket used to hold oils or soaps should not be used to store food as well. A basket for food should also be lined with a plastic liner or cloth to make sure none of the oil or grease will touch the basket itself. Don’t overload the basket as constant overloading will lead to eventual tearing of the fibers of the basket.

Cleaning your basket is also one of the best ways to preserve it as improper cleaning can severely damage it making it unusable. Constant cleaning is key here and can be easily done by the use of a feather duster or brush to remove any dust or dirt it might have. For those thicker layers of dirt, damp cotton cloth with clean cold water and a diluted cleaning agent can take care of it. Make sure to wipe it dry after cleaning and it is ready to be used again.