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How to measure wrapping paper

This element to gift wrapping is highly underrated and unappreciated. This could direct the entire outcome of your wrap and it’s important that it be done correctly, have too little and you’ll have a hard time covering your present and too much would just lead you to struggles with those bulky folds. Ensuring the perfect amount of wrapping paper is the first step to achieving a perfectly wrapped gift.

Now let’s make sure we get the details of the dimensions right. We take a look at the width first and what we would want ideally is for the width of the paper to be equal to the width of the box plus twice the height. For a clearer picture, we’ll give you an example. Let’s say your gift is ten inches in width and two in inches height, this would mean the paper should be ten inches plus two and plus another two equaling to fourteen inches of total width.

On to the height which we need to make sure first and foremost that the wrap has enough to wrap around the box plus one to three inches of overlap. To take you to another example, if you have a box that is three inches high and four inches deep, the paper should be around sixteen inches tall. You can make sure of this by easily rolling your wrap along your box and see if it has enough to cover the entire thing.

With all those details kept in mind, you should now have no trouble in wrapping your gift perfectly.

Of course obtaining the perfect measurement of your wrapping paper is just the first step into the whole process of gift wrapping but it’s one of the most, if not the most important aspect we believe because it will set you up on how easy or difficult your wrapping will have to be. With this guide however we hope we have just set you off on the first step towards the right direction to perfectly wrapping your present.