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Gift wrapping step by step

With so many events to go to such as birthdays, anniversaries and weddings just to name a few, gifts are always needed. Buying gifts can sometimes be the easy part, it’s wrapping it that has people in a bind. There isn’t much that goes into wrapping a gift as you might think, this is a very straight forward process in which efficiency is key to not cost you time and money. Simple gift wrapping as this article will show you, can be accomplished fast and easy in as little as four simple steps.

Before we begin the first step, it is important that you have the most essential items for gift wrapping: scissors, tape and of course gift wrap. Now your wrap can be anything you want as this solely relies on your personal preference but a suggestion would be those that have the lining in the back for ease in cutting.

Step one is to measure the amount of wrap you need. This can be done by putting your box in the center of your gift wrap and rolling it to cover the entire box so you’ll precisely know how much wrap you actually need. Just cut off the excess and you are good to go.

Step two, fold each side over and tape the top and bottom corners. You can fold the edge of one side to create a cleaner look as well.

Step three is all about tidying up the presentation by folding each side into triangles, folding the top triangle down and the bottom triangle up. Fasten securely with tape and do the same thing on the other side.

The fourth and last step is to finish it with a nice clean look with use of a ribbon. Tie over the box and finish with a bow just like you would your shoelaces and that’s it!

Following these four simple steps is all you need to do to wrap your present like a professional. Make sure to constantly check for excess wrap along the way and cut it off so it looks as clean as possible.