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Gift wrapping ideas for kids

Gift wrapping can truly be an enjoyable experience being kids and, seeing our parents start to wrap gifts during the holidays signifies that Christmas is truly getting closer and that made us as excited as ever. But as parents now, it’s important that we involve our kids in these kinds of activities as a way to bond with them. With the ideas in this guide, we guarantee to make that experience a lot more fun.

What makes a gift extra special is the wrapping around it, and why not personalize your wrap with photographs. Nothing says I love and care for you than photographs, you could easily print some pictures of you and your child on your printer at home and stick to different areas of the wrap, making sure there definitely wont be any mistaking where that present came from. If you do not have any recent photos, you can also try a baby picture of your kids and watch the madness a they try to decipher which ones are theirs and I guarantee that will be a good time.

It is important that the kids feel engaged at all times so don’t be afraid of leaving them in charge of the wrapping paper appearance. Let their creative juices run wild and encourage them to draw whatever they would want on the wrap, from their initials to their favorite animal heck if they just want to color the whole thing with their favorite color then so be it. What’s important is that the kids are having fun and they feel like they really had a big hand in completing what they consider is a masterpiece.

Lastly, don’t limit their creativity to just drawing and coloring, encourage them to create something to add or finish the wrap. Teach them how to tie a pretty bow from a ribbon as a life skill they will most likely use until they are old and seasoned gift wrappers. It can be anything from origami to paper maches, what’s important is that your kids are happy with the way the wrap looks from top to bottom.