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Gift Wrapping Ideas

Is there nothing better then receiving a gift? From Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries or for any occasion, its always brings a smile to your face every time you receive a gift.

If there’s one thing that can beat receiving a gift, its giving one. From the pure selflessness and joy you feel and not to mention the pleasure it brings you to see the look of happiness on the person’s face you gave the gift too, you can’t beat it. There are many ways to personalize your gift though, to make it more authentic and real. Why not start with your very own gift wrapping? Below are some ideas that will help you make your gift a bit more unique and personalized.

1. Recycling

This first option is basically a no brainer. Not only will you help save the environment if you recycle, but also its very accessible and should cost you close to nothing at all. Used paper or plastic are readily available and surely you’ll have some lying around in your house. It’s an added bonus that around the holidays, stores usually pattern their plastics or bags with decorative themes so you can take advantage of that and make your wrap a truly beautiful one.

2. Painting and Coloring

Now from the artistic ones, to the not so artistic ones, this could be a fun way of wrapping your gifts and make the person you’re giving it to make them feel a bit more loved when they see you really put in the work to make their gift beautiful. Find some butcher or brown paper from a craft store and wrap your gift with it, now that you have a canvass, you can let your imagination run wild. Paint it with anything your heart desires, maybe an image that means something to your recipient or even just painting it with their favorite color, you really can’t go wrong with this one.

3. Leaves and branches

Yes leaves and branches. Isn’t nature beautiful? If you agree with that then you most certainly can spice up your gift wrap with one of natures most abundant resources. Leaves. Now I’m not saying go out and find any leaf and paste it to your gift wrap, its not as simple as that. Of course there has to be some beauty to it. Go to your backyard and pick the healthiest and most beautiful leaf or leaves you can find, then you can secure in on your wrap with some glue or a cord. It will help give your gift a more rustic and authentic feel to it that’s for sure.

Gift wrapping should be fun, so do away with those same old Christmas wrapping paper and make it your own. Trust me, the person you’re giving it to will absolutely appreciate it more.