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Gift wrapping hacks

With so many events to go to, we can’t afford to waste any more time than we usually do. Going to events entails getting a present which then means wrapping it. Many of us simply don’t have time or just don’t know how to wrap presents properly making this a dilemma. Wrapping presents should not be complicated and with these hacks, we can assure a hassle free way to not only get your present wrapped efficiently but also looking good as well

If you bought your present last minute then that would mean you need to wrap it last minute as well, buying a handy gift bag is always an option but if you spent all your money on your present, then the only option you have is to recycle old wrapping paper and make it into a gift bag. This can be done faster than traditional gift wrapping and really does not take a lot of skill as all you need to do is to get some gift wrap, ideally twice as large as you would want and fold horizontally, taping the sides and folding the bottom of it making a crease. Fold your base inwards making triangle shapes and fasten with tape. Take handles from store bought bags and tape to the inside of your gift and there you have it, a fast and clean gift bag.

Another hack to take advantage of is nature. If you want an extra side of artistry on your gift wrap, you can always go out and see what mother nature has to offer. With a variety of twigs and leaves all around us, you can use this to tape or glue to your wrap giving it that artistic flare you desire. It will also surely impress your recipient as it can be seen as you really took the time out to make the presentation of your wrap beautiful, which technically you did.

Finishing off your present with a nice bow is always a good idea and should always be considered when resources are there. Get some ribbon and tie around your present and finish it of by tying a bow and that would be all you need to greatly elevate the look of your wrap.