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Funny gift wrapping ideas

Now that you’ve bought the perfect gift, your next problem is how to wrap it. Sometimes we can get bored with the traditional wrapping paper, scissors and tape so why not try something new? These funny wrapping ideas will surely get a laugh not only form the recipient but also everyone in the room who can see it. Something funny however is subjective but the ideas in this guide we believe will make anybody laugh or at least crack a smile.

The first rule here is creativity. There are a bunch of items you can use for your gift wrap. Let’s start with pictures, there are pictures far and wide all over the internet but why not print one of your face or the face of the recipient and just wrap it all over the gift? If your own faces isn’t funny enough, there are a variety of pictures of your favorite actors and singers in funny moments which you can take advantage of. This is fairly easy to do as well as all you’ll need is a printer and some paper and you’re good to go.

Wrapping your present I a clear wrapping paper gives you the opportunity to run wild with it. Draw some funny faces on each side of the box to convey different emotions. If you are more on the artistic side, you can take it a step further by adding some color to the faces and add more details to the facial structures to really make them stand out.

Its not a secret that women are better at wrapping presents more than men and although men try their best, it’s never as good or as clean as how a woman wraps. Well if you’re a man reading this then here is your chance to take advantage of this stereotype by not wrapping your present at all! All you have to do is buy some ribbon and tie it into a knot circling your present and voila, it’s done. That’s the most efficient and easy way to wrap a present in my opinion but depending on your recipient, you’ll either receive a big ‘laugh out loud’ or the silent treatment.