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Easy gift wrapping ideas

Wrapping gifts is not a complex chore, its a fairly easy yet fun activity. There are many ways you can modify your gift wrapping depending on a multitude of factors such as the type of wrap used, the accessories you add to it among others. This simple guide will help you select the best options that you can use to make your present look effortlessly beautiful.

You can take advantage of the multitude of wrapping papers out there. There are some with beautiful patterns and shapes which you can use to instantly boost the appearance of your present so make sure you do your due diligence in selecting the best ones out there as there is surely one that you will like. If wrapping papers are a bit played out, you can opt for eco – friendly paper wraps which can range from vintage re purposed papers to recycled maps to fun looking grocery bags. All these can be easily found and used to wrap your present.

A couple of options that are not as known but are extremely effective are natural and cloth gift wraps. With the natural gift wrap, why not go out and take advantage of what mother nature has to offer. Birch bars and fresh leaves are surprisingly pliable which you can roll and secure with twine. These are easily found in an Asian market or even as close as your backyard. Cloth gift wraps which are famous in Japan and is called ‘furoshiki’ is as eco friendly as it can get. It’s name describes it as it involves wrapping your present in a piece of cloth which you will secure the open ends with a button or safety pin.

Lastly this option would be the best to use if you want to make your present a bit more personalized and special. You can print out or modify your own wrapping paper, which is as simple as adding anything to the wrapping paper that is special to you or the recipient. This will ensure your gift wrap will not look like anything else and gives you a more accomplished feeling as you can see the efforts and time you put into making your gift wrap beautiful.