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Different styles of gift wrapping

Gift wrapping is a fun activity enjoyed by many, I mean why would you be wrapping a gift if not for a special occasion of for someone special right? Be it the holiday season, birthdays, anniversaries or whatever the occasion may be, wrapping presents will always evoke a sense of joy in someone. Although we have pretty much mastered wrapping the usual box, this guide will present some unique ways to wrap your gift that you may have or not have known.

First is to modify your gift wrap itself. Now this will certainly add a sense of uniqueness to your wrap as you can make sure that nothing else will look like it. You’re in control here and whatever you want on the wrap goes. Take advantage of the printer you have at home and print images, symbols, words or anything you want to make sure you make the recipient feels extra special.

Another style is to make or modify your own gift boxes. This is similar to the first idea as the same principle applies, you get to choose how the box will look like. You can skip the wrapping and modify the box itself to make it easier for you. Just grab a clear or blank gift box, some writing and coloring materials or even a paintbrush. No option is wrong here and you just have to let your imagination run wild. Of course you can always follow themes like lanterns and Christmas trees for the holidays or hearts and cupid’s arrow on valentines day are just some suggestions to draw or paint on your blank boxes to commemorate the occasion.

Adding some style and elegance to your gift is never a bad idea. Grab some ribbon and tie it into a simple bow,which can be as easy as tying your shoelaces and fasten it on top of your present and surely it will elevate it’s appearance. You can opt for tying the ribbon around the box if you find that more attractive. It depends on your personal taste and preference but also keeping in mind the person you’re giving it to of course.