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Creative gift wrapping techniques

We all know the feeling of seeing the happiness form someone as we give them a present, it’s even a better feeling when the person who we are giving to admires the wrapping so much they might even think that was their present. We all want to showcase our artistic side from time to time so why not impress with these creative gift wrapping techniques.

We need to modify our wrapping paper for this one. The wrapping paper is the base of the gift, it’s what the recipient see’s first and it’s appearance will surely be noted. An option would be to use roller stamps as they give you a continuous pattern that looks consistent just like store bought wrap. If you don’t have a roller stamp handy, you can always make your own with a potato. Carefully carve the shape you want into half a potato, dip in paint and stamp it on some package paper and you’re good to go.

We can always go green and try these eco friendly techniques. You can recycle any stretchy material such as leggings or tights. Stretch these around the box and tie into a knot and there you have it. Plastic bags can be used as well especially during the holiday season as most stores have holiday theme bags which you can take advantage of and get a good solid base for your wrap. Scavenging through your old elementary school stuff and you’ll surely find a map. This is a good alternate as maps are usually made of thick paper and not to mention it gives a pretty cool design when you wrap it around a box.

The last nugget of info would be to cut patterns on the gift wrap itself. This would certainly add an artistic flare to the wrap like no other. There are ready made cutting equipment that will cut your paper into shapes like stars, moons, snowflakes and the like but if you’re more on the artistic side, you can carve out your own personal symbols or signs on the wrap using scissors or any sharp material.