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July 24, 2015
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What Is A COB LED Lantern And Why They’re Changing Camping

Campers and outdoorsmen know the importance of light, when no power source is available for your smartphone. When you are lost or without proper shelter, your lantern is your lifeline. This basic element in nature is often taken for granted back at home. Having a lantern that is both bright, portable, and efficient is a combination that all campers look for.
This newest incarnation of LED lanterns introduce a chip on board, or COB, to manufacture diodes that can be fabricated with the circuit board itself. This allows for more compact LED products for multiple reasons: one, the components can be made smaller, and two, the heat produced by the circuitry is reduced, allowing for safer and more efficient LED lights.

Reliable Lanterns

When it comes to camping or emergency situations, there is no disputing the reliability of LED lights. Gas-powered lanterns may not need access to a charger, but they still need to replace the mantle coverings that weaken from repeated usage. Now with COB technology, LED lanterns have gotten even more powerful and convenient for all campers and emergency scenarios.
COB lanterns use 25% less heat than your standard LED light. This translates into more consistent power and lower rates of failure. The manufacturing process is also simplified, the soldering is all on one board, making it cheaper to produce with a lower risk for machine errors.
Since the COB lanterns are compact and protect the bulbs by default, the shipping and handling process is also much less complicated and cheaper. Normal LED lanterns need lots of packaging and case reinforcement that can make them bigger and bulkier. COB LEDs have a wider surface area to spread the light without getting that annoying glare from the glass or plastic housing.
With difficulty soldering LEDs close together, the beam is also not as concentrated as COB LED lantern, making the viewing angle and range more limited.

Today’s COB Lanterns

The LED market has only just started incorporating COB technology for the past couple of years. The COB lanterns will only improve in efficiency and portability. Be aware of cheap knockoffs that don’t use quality components or soldering, as these lanterns are more prone to failure and short-circuiting.
A nice quality COB LED lantern will open and close without much effort, their batteries will last anywhere from 12 to 20 hours of continuous use, and will charge in just a few hours.
COB LED lanterns are also much brighter than equivalent standard LED lanterns. The COB lanterns use 3 vertical bands of LEDs that spread light evenly over a wide radius, like joining three standard lightbulbs into one housing.
Last, but not least, COB LED lanterns are made with very strong plastics and durable construction to account for the repeated opening and closing of the lantern, as well as normal wear and tear, dropping, and various weather situations. Just be sure to check the packaging for waterproof if you plan on taking it outside in the rain.