Beer Growler
Beer Growlers – Beer To Go!
July 21, 2015
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Beer Growler

The Advantages Of A Growler At Work & Play

Ok so you need to transport a beverage someplace else and then drink it there. That’s what bottles, cans, plastics and flasks are for right? So why not just lug my drinks around in these kind of containers? Well – the answer is that of course you could do that, but a growler offers a massive load of advantages and is, quite simply, the very best way to transport your drinks. This can be anything from beer to coffee, and here I’m going to explain why and where a growler is suited to daily use in the ‘real world’.

A Growler For Day To Day Beverages At Work

While this growler may typically be referred to as a beer growler, it’s unlikely that too many folk are going to be drinking beer while on the clock and on the move at the same time! But you see, the growler keeps any beverage either as hot or as cold as when you seal it up – and will barely lose a degree over 24 hours. You can’t say that for unrefrigerated drinks or Styrofoam coffee cups!

This makes them the king when it comes to taking a brew to work. Rather than blow ten bucks a day on coffee or put up with some instant garb at work, why not use your home coffee machine and take it with you in your growler? You save a fortune, and have fresh, aromatic and tasty coffee with you all day. The same goes for sodas and iced drinks – crisp and refreshing all day at an absolute fraction of the price.

Worried about spilling your drink over your desk? No need – this growler has a double topped cap, the inner of which is designed to make a steady and extremely precise pour. Unless you get stung by a bee there’s genuinely no reason why spillage should ever be an issue – you’re more likely to knock your cup over!

Beer Growler

A Growler At Play

Beer growlers – when used explicitly for beer – are ideal both at home or away. Want to sit in the yard, soak up some rays and have a few glasses of beer but don’t want to keep heading too and fro to the fridge? A 64oz growler will keep your beer ice cold, and contain plenty for a nice casual session.

The same goes for when visiting friends and family, it’s nice to take a gift when being invited over to a buddies place – and presuming you can’t afford him his own growler – some quality beer at perfect temperature is always a safe bet.

Taking an away day, maybe heading for a hike or the beach? The growler is your friend – no matter what you fill it with, it will be served as fresh as ever. Plus have you seen the prices that stalls charge on the beach/park/etc! No trash, no empties too lug home and reusable within a second – the growler has got you covered all the way.

Drivers worried that their growler may pose a risk if pulled over – don’t worry about it. It is – by law – a sealed container and you’re completely in the clear, unless the cops see you swigging away of course (don’t do!). It counts as the same category as hip flasks and corked bottles – basically if you can go to pour it over your head and nothing leaks – all is cool.