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July 14, 2015
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The Advantages Of A Growler
July 24, 2015
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Beer Growler

Beer Growlers – Beer To Go!

Breweries are a nice place to stop and get a drink. Normally they have nice atmosphere, decent people, and great beer. But what happens if you want a drink, but don’t have time to stop off at the brewery for an hour or two? Well now there is an easy way to just pick up your drink, and take it home with you. Thanks to a new container known as a “Growler.

A growler is basically a water bottle designed to hold beer. Granted, it can also be used as just a water bottle, coffee mug, or just a container for any liquid. However, there are a few perks this container boasts over others. Such as a heavy duty handle, so you won’t have to worry about dropping it from almost any height, and having your handle smashing to pieces.

Another great feature of the beer growler is that it holds temperature. It keep cold drinks cold for up to 20 hours, while maintaining hot drinks for up to 8 hours, which is much longer than most other containers say they can. As well as being stainless and odorless, the growlers for beer also don’t retain any taste of the last drink you had inside it. A quick wash and it’s good as new.

Thanks to the container being a stainless steel beer growler, there is also little chance for denting, breaking, chipping, or bursting due to high temperature change. Thanks to the double walled insulation on this growler as well, there is zero condensation, so no more wet spots or puddles on the surface you leave your container on.

Probably the best perk about beer growlers is the fact that they are not an open container. So as long as you’re not drinking it in the car, you cannot be fined for having it. This means that you can transport the beer straight from the tap, to your home without ever losing freshness.

This a great product for anyone who loves beer, but wants to drink it at home. Or even those who just need a container to keep their drink colder or hotter longer. Great for fishing, camping, hiking, days at the beach, or even just long car rides. This Beer Growler is a must have, at a great price!