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July 14, 2015
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Beer growlers have been around for well over a century; with the iconic name being coined by the old-fashioned models releasing a light ‘growling’ noise as the Co2 escaped from the flask during carriage. Unfortunately for our beer loving ancestors, this leakage of air often led to a disappointingly stale product when it was opened-up afterwards. But that’s enough history! Thanks to modern materials and technology beer connoisseurs can now place their trust in ClassyStylez’ exclusive stainless steel beer growler to ensure a crisp, refreshing brew wherever and whenever!

How It Works

This growler is modeled upon the thermos design but with special emphasis upon beer. This is a trickier proposition than it might sound, for unlike coffee, tea, water and such like, beer tends to vary a lot depending upon style, strength and composition. For example a Pilsner and a hoppy IPA have, until now, required quite different forms of carriage cask to retain either the carbonation or flavor.

Yet this growler is specially designed with a copper plated inner wall that allows not just carbonation and gases to be retained, but also maintain a stable temperature throughout. Double insulation allows a far superior stability compared to the vast majority of beer growlers otherwise available – beverages will stay cold for up to 20 hours, and warm for at least eight. But we’re talking beer here – and unless you’re English beer shouldn’t be warm, right!

Why Should I Get A Beer Growler?

Craft ale and small breweries are all the rage right now, and quite rightly have carved a niche in the food and drink sector that until recently considered beer about as important as a third cousin twice removed. Thankfully those dark days are now behind us, and thanks to an explosive interest among brewers in finally using the vast range of sublime hops, wheat’s and barley’s available across the country towards making refreshing craft ale.

Yet there’s nothing worse than visiting a brewery and having to stack up on compressed bottled produce rather than the genuine, fresh from cask ‘real’ product. You can almost feel the brewers tear as he see’s his ale being bottled – yet now thanks to this growler you can be sure to enjoy the genuine taste, as it was supposed to be enjoyed, at home or anywhere else of your choosing! And of course you needn’t use this exclusively for brew-tours; this flask can be topped up from home with any beers of your choice, and still be fresh as a new button hours later.

Product Features

Ok let’s get down to the details. We’ve already explained that this is the beer growler when it comes to taste and temperature retention and stability – so what else does this product have to offer?

Perhaps most importantly this beer growler doesn’t retain any odor or residue. It can be cleaned out literally with a splash of water, and this is crucial for any true beer lovers. After all, who wants their crisp lager to retain an unwanted odor of a heavy porter that might have been stored previously? No longer need that be a worry – this growler retains not even a scent of ale.

It’s a looker too! Stylishly designed in a powder coated black-matte finish, this beer growler is for a connoisseur who likes to look after his beer as much as he will enjoy it. A heavy duty handle (all important) will ensure countless years of dependable carriage and pouring, alongside a perfectly threaded lid to keep your beverage utterly unblemished.

Holding an impressive 64oz of liquid (beer!) this growler is perfect for the carriage of the finest ales.

But Why Do I Need A Beer Growler?

If you’ve never owned a growler before, then let’s just say you’ll never look back. Not only are they iconic and unashamedly cool, but they’re essential for anyone wanting to move beer as god intended. They’re ideal for outdoor activities, removing the incessant clunking of bottles and cans; plus perfect for taking a special treat or home-brew to a buddy’s home.

The key is flavor, temperature and lack of any kind of leakage. Provided you know your beer, that really ought to explain it.